Opening the Music and Movies Entertainment set from AG!

Hey! :D Guess what? I think I told you guys how I ordered an order from AG and one of the two items was backordered. The non backordered item was supposed to arrive today, but instead it came yesterday! :) I took some photos of opening it and I thought I would share them! And before I get into this post, I just wanted to say I have no mean to brag in any way, shape or form with this post. I'm just showing you guys :)
Okay, so I got....
1. Grace's Sightseeing Outfit (backordered)
 And 2. is... The Truly me Music and Movies Entertainment set!
My Great- Grandma (the one who bought me most of my dolls) heard that I got Grace, and she told me to pick some things for her or my doll kitchen set. I decided to get those two things. Grace's Sightseeing outfit is supposed to come Wednesday, so expect another post on that soon! :)

The box! :D

What the box looked like inside ^_^

The TV and the stand are shipped/sold like this. C:
Now let me show you the little things this set comes with :)

These adorable little boxes have different sides and they fit into the TV stand C:

These are the different slides that fit into the TV!

The little disc-inserter thing (this is SO cute in person!)

Here's the TV without any slides! It has this white background :)

The movies that come with this set are so cute! ;D

Some more little accessories :)

The discs (they actually fit into the disc player! Isn't that cute?)

Some doll sized 3D glasses ;)

And these fit into the TV stand's doors. :)
Here's what the set looks like all together! 

Isn't it adorable? I'm sorry for the bad photo :P

So the TV actually lights up! (When you put batteries into it, of course. ;))

Inside the little cabinet thing my dolls are storing the 3D glasses and someone's iPhone XD 

All in all, me and my dollies love this set! It looks so real, and it's just so cute! :) I can see myself using this a lot in my doll play ;) I especially like how the TV stand in real wood :D
Oh, you want to know something funny? So on their website AG says for this set "Adult assembly required!"  In the box the TV stand is put together, and so is the TV, so what needs to be built? The truth is, nothing does XD The "adult assembly" is putting the batteries into the TV, and TBH, I did that myself. LOL! AG is funny sometimes ;D
Thanks for reading, and have an awesome weekend! ^_^

P.S. Like my new design? Sweet Allie D. made me this header, and I thought I'd use it ;) What do you guys think of the design? Should I leave it like this? Thanks! :)


  1. That's so cool!:D Congrats!

  2. Love the header! That set is so cute, congratulations on getting it!

  3. The header is soooo u! It like matches ur personality - fun, crazy, cute, adventurous nice, fancy, and more but this comment would like never end.... ANYWAYS..... I ❤️ your TV set!
    ITS SO CUTE🌟🌟🌟

    1. Aww, thanks bestie! Haha, I can't wait for you to see it in person :D

  4. Cut new set! And also love your new header!

  5. That header is cute. You should leave it like that. :)

    I hope you check out my crochet shop. I would love to crochet something for you or your dollies. ashleysyarnworks.blogspot.com


    1. Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I'll make a new one like that (without the "blog design under construction thing, LOL!)
      Sure! That's cool you like to crotchet! I'd like to learn how :) I knit, actually! :D I'll check out your blog/shop after I post this comment :)


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