The rainy day picnic~ a photostory~

Hey! Sorry for not posting in what, a week? That's not so bad but I like to post almost every day so that's unfortunate for me. :( >-< So on Friday I lost my one-and-only camera, and I couldn't find it! It din't reappear until yesterday (in a drawer.) I am so happy to have it back so I can post again for you guys ^-^ Anyways, here's a photostory! It rained a lot where I live yesterday so I decided to make the best of it and make this up for you :) And sorry it's not super obvious it's raining in the photos- it was sprinkling, but it was hard to capture :P Enjoy!

Grace, Isabelle and Ruthie stood on their front yard patio staring at the sky. It was a rather dark blue color- too dark for a normal Tuesday morning. 
Isabelle turned to her sisters. "Look, guys- I know us three had that picnic planned for today, but I don't really know-" 
"Of course we'll still go!" Ruthie cut in. "You said you always took fall picnics in the fall. I got here in May, so I haven't ever gone on one, and neither has Grace. Please?" Both girls looked helplessly at Grace, because she had not stated her opinion. She shrugged. "I guess we could- try it," she answered. 

[ see the sprinkle marks on the ground? LOL!]

"Alrighty, if you want to!" Isabelle said. "I'll go get the picnic blanket and the other stuff. Why don't you two go make some lunch?" The three agreed and split ways.

At exactly 10:30 AM Isabelle, Ruthie and Grace started on the journey to what Isabelle called "the world's best picnic spot". The three girls tromped through some vine-like plants, and sloshed through a water puddle hidden by some pine needles. They kept a careful watch on the sky, which was turning darker every minute. Suddenly the clouds reached a navy- blue color and it started to sprinkle. 

Then Grace just stopped moving entirely. She rubbed her forehead. "Sorry guys," she panted. "My legs are just so stiff..... How far away is the spot, Iz?"
Isabelle bit her lip. "About another twenty minutes. Maybe." She paused. "Let's just stop here." Her companions nodded. 

After the girls had finished setting up their picnic spot, it started to really rain. Not just rain, POURING rain. The sort where all you can hear is the thunderous roar. Grace, Isabelle and Ruthie sprang to their feet and stared at each other in disbelief. Grace had to yell at least 10 times before Isabelle and Ruthie heard her say, "WE NEED TO MOVE!!"

Without moment's hesitation, the three leaped into action. Grabbing their things, Isabelle and Grace, followed by a puffing Ruthie with the picnic blanket thrown over her head, ran. 

"How about over there?!?" Isabelle yelled, pointing to a bush with an opening inside of it. Grace screamed a reply and the girls stumbled into the bush.

The inside of the bush was small, but it offered some protection from the sheets of rain falling. Isabelle settled the picnic blanket onto the ground, and Grace lay out lunch. Ruthie found a dry blanket in her backpack, which she threw across her shoulders. The lunch was reasonably dry, and it tasted quite good.  

The girls ate their food, then sat back against the bush, waiting for the storm to pass. 
"You know," Grace laughed, "this has been a really hilarious picnic! Considering..." The three cracked up. 
Ruthie shifted the blanket around her shoulders. She stared longingly at the picnic basket which sat next to Grace. Isabelle laughed. "You look super hungry, Ruthie! Seriously, we just ate. Are you still starving?" Grace looked into the basket. "We still have dessert! Want to eat it now?" Ruthie and Isabelle nodded. Grace pulled out four frosted cupcakes from the basket. "Hey!" Ruthie exclaimed. "We still have some cupcakes left from Saige's birthday!" Grace split the cupcakes, leaving 1 and 1/3 for each girl.

"I used to work at my aunt and uncle's bakery when I was in France," Grace said while they ate their dessert. "I used to live with them, and my cousin." She started into a long story about her life before being adopted into the Dolly District household. After her last story about a stray dog she named Bonbon, the girls realized the pounding rain outside their bush had stopped! They packet the basket and their backpacks and crawled outside their dry, cozy bush. Sunlight streamed and a colorful rainbow fluttered in the sky. 
"It's like a wonderland out here," Grace breathed. 
"Yeah," Isabelle agreed. She breathed in the rain- scented air. 
"C'mon." Ruthie nudged her sisters. "We can see it while we walk. We should probably get going."

"Finally!" Isabelle sighed. "There's our house." She pointed. "I thought we were... well... lost."
"Lost?!" Ruthie and Grace exclaimed. 
"Well... yes.. I didn't want to scare you guys," Isabelle explained. "But we're home now, so why don't we do something fun inside? I've kind of had enough nature for one day."
"Same here actually." Ruthie laughed. 
"Same here, too," Grace giggled. 
And that ended their flop of a picnic.

I should have a photoshoot up tomorrow so look out for that ^-^


  1. A picnic in the rain is always fun! It seems like every picnic I have hosted/attended it's rainy!


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