I know, it's been awhile since I logged on and made a post for you guys, and I'm so sorry :( It's just, whenever I come on the computer I always play this online game called Animal Jam. (It's super awesome and you can learn more about it by clicking **HERE**. It's wayyy more fun than it looks xD) Anyways, lately I've really been obsessed with that, and then there's school and lots of swim practices to go to, and playing with my dolls. Love that x3 
Anyways, I think it might be time for a small break from blogging. Just a few weeks to a month or two, and I'll be back :3 That way I can prepare a couple of posts for you guys, and have them ready for when I return :) I'm super sorry about my absence, and I hope you understand :) 
Also, I'll still be blogging at the joint blog I joined, so you can still see me posting there :D (See that by clicking HERE :) It's a great blog where three other amazing girls and I blog about our photography, Jesus, and lots of other fun stuff! I'd really appreciate if you'd check it out ^_^
Oh, BTW, happy Thanksgiving!! And Black Friday :D What do you guys have planned for tomorrow? Can't wait ^_^
I hope you guys understand about this sudden break, and I'm sorry for not being the best poster :P


Fall colors- an AGPS


Good afternoon, friends! ^_^ A couple of days ago I took Kanani out for a fall-ish photoshoot because I've really been in this fall mood lately xD  BTW, my apologies for not posting as much as always- life is so busy, you know? I didn't even get a doll Halloween post up :( I'm sorry :(
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the photos! Which one was your favorite? :3  [if you were wondering, AGPS means "AG photo shoot :)] 
Oh, and I also made two edits with some random photos I thought I would include in this post ^_^

I think the last one would make a good blog button, what do you think? I really need to get a button for this blog xD
Have an awesome day! :3