Fall colors- an AGPS


Good afternoon, friends! ^_^ A couple of days ago I took Kanani out for a fall-ish photoshoot because I've really been in this fall mood lately xD  BTW, my apologies for not posting as much as always- life is so busy, you know? I didn't even get a doll Halloween post up :( I'm sorry :(
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the photos! Which one was your favorite? :3  [if you were wondering, AGPS means "AG photo shoot :)] 
Oh, and I also made two edits with some random photos I thought I would include in this post ^_^

I think the last one would make a good blog button, what do you think? I really need to get a button for this blog xD
Have an awesome day! :3


  1. Ooo, I love the these photos Jana!! :D

  2. I like the first edit! :)

    Allie D.

  3. These pictures are great! Kanani looks adorable!:) I like the first edit!:D


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