Goodbye (for now.)

Yes, I know you're probably looking at the title of this post and thinking what?!? Is she really going to be done blogging??

Well, yes. And no.
So here's the scoop- I decided to stop blogging on here (for now) and on the other joint blog I joined. :(  I love blogging, but I just don't have the time. I might come back to here sometime, I just need a big break. Sometime in 2016, probably. I'm so sorry for doing this to you guys, but I hope you understand :) 

Oh, and yes- I'm still going to be blogging in the meantime! I've always wanted to have my own YouTube channel, but my mom has always said no, but I asked her about having a blog where I could post some doll vids, and she said as long as it's private. :) I'm also thinking about creating another doll blog with my BFF, Amariah, but I don't know for sure if that'll be happening ;) 

The new blog I'll be making will be called "AG Always" and I'm really excited about making it! Sadly, though, it will have to remain private, even to all of you :( It'll be mostly for my BFF, so I guess you could say it's dedicated to her :)

Again, I'm really sorry about this sudden decision, but I hope to see you again another day :)