AG Store Photos!

Hey everyone! ^_^ Today I went to the AG store with my mom, mostly to see Melody and all the new releases. It was super fun, as always! I love going there. I took a bunch of photos for a post (and nobody even stared at me! I guess that store is just a normal place where teens carry around dolls and take pictures xD)
By the way, I brought Lea, Maryellen, and Grace with me, but Maryellen ended up sitting in the car because me and my mom figured 3 dolls would be too much to carry around :( But Lea and Grace had a wonderful time :)

One of the store's Maryellens serving Lea and Grace some food after the long journey to the AG store-- the dolls were very hungry, and Maryellen's diner- who could pass up that?!

Lea taking a snooze in Melody's bed ;)

A Maryellen relaxing on her sofa bed.. That bed is SO cute.

Another Maryellen setup :) She looks really nice in her new dress!

Maryellen's fridge which came with the new release. I'm not a huge fan of this, but my mom and I both agreed that the TV dinners are super cute!

(Sorry for the blurryness of this picture.)
Josefina's new dress (I forgot the name, sorry, LOL!)

Okay... the new Truly Me kitchen is absolutely ADORABLE! Too bad I already have a doll kitchen. LOL! I LOVE the Kitchen Aid mixer. It looks just like mine-- AG did a really nice job with this set. 

I love the big pot on the stove! I can just picture dolls using that pot to survive out in the wilderness or something XD

Grace trying out her gymnastics on the Truly Me gymnastics set with some friends. That doll next her in the pink leo looks like her cousin, Lainey!

Some Truly Me outfits- the snowboarding set, the 2 in 1 ice skating outfit, and one of those winter-y outfits :)

Grace and Lea relaxing in Lea's treehouse with one of the store's many Lea dolls! 

So sorry for the blurryness of this photo, but the accessories that come with Lea's treehouse are so cute! I love the beans and rice on the plate. 

Lea and a display Lea had a blast using the Lea's fruit/smoothie stand on display :D

My Lea made friends with lots of the other Leas at the store!

The new Truly Me pop-up camper is totally adorable, and Grace had a lot of fun posing for a photo inside it :)

Alright, so... the pancakes that are one of the small accessories that come with the pop-up camper are SOO cute! The detail on them is just amazing... *dies* They look so real and amazing.. oh my gosh. Sorry for that little rant xD

This horse stable setup is just priceless! <3

I TOTALLY love this outfit set. I'm a competitive swimmer and swim about 13 hours a week, so I LOVE the swimming set! And I'm sure my BFF (yes, you A!) would love the gymnastics leotard. 
And LOL, Grace totally photobombed this pic.

This setup is really cute. :) 
(Extra credit if you spot Grace XD)

Grace and a friend enjoying AG's new lasagna set. Wait, didn't Grace just eat at Maryellen's diner? Time to #burncarbs

The mix and match outfits are totally swag!

*Sorry for blurry photos! :(

This dress is extremely cute- I think it'd look really nice on Isabelle.

I'm totally in love with this doll- she's so cute and I love her poofy hair! <3 I had to take a picture of her. 

I love how AG puts bald dolls on display now, too. 

Melody's corner of the store! :)

Lea posing by Melody- those two got along really well, and I can tell Lea is hoping that Melody will join our doll family! I'm not sure that will be happening, though...

Melody's fancy coat outfit... Is that what it's called? I don't know xD Whatever it's called, it's super cute!

Melody's music-set-thingy. This is really cool :D

The piano actually plays music!

Melody is a really cute doll, but I guess I'm not that attached to her as I am for some of the other BeForever dolls. She is really adorable though. ^-^ I love her outfits!

Lea asked Melody if she could try on her headband, and Melody, being the nice doll that she is, agreed. It definitely looks better on Melody, don't you think? LOL! 

At last, the time came that we had to leave the AG store. The girls can't wait to go back again!

And here they are, rejoined with Maryellen, in the car to go back home. 
We had a great time at the AG store! I was supposed to go with my best friend, but she couldn't go, so I really missed her and my dolls missed going with their cousin :( Oh well, maybe next time! 

Thanks for reading! Have you guys ever been to the AG store? Did your dolls make lots of new friends? Mine definitely did!

Talk to you later :)


Hawaiian Girl~ A Photoshoot With Lea Clark

Hi guys! I'm back with another photoshoot today, featuring one of my newest dolls, Lea Clark! (She'll be on the Meet The Dollies page soon.) I'm really happy to have her, she's a great doll. She's really awesome because she's the first ever doll I've bought at a GOTY debut (that was super fun!) Anyways, into the pics.

These pictures do Lea no justice. Sooo sorry for the bad quality! I still haven't bought a better camera. Oh well. :(
Welp, that's all! A photostory coming soon. Thank for being so awesome, guys!


I'm coming back...?

Hey guys! Wow, it's been awhile! Today I have some good news for you :DD
I'm going to start up this blog again! Yay! *throws streamers* I'll probably not post as often as I used to (but hey, once a month is better than nothing, right?) ;) Huge thanks to Bella for helping me along, encouraging me, ect. Thanks sooo much, girl :3
Anyways, yeah! More posts up soon. Comment down below what kind of posts you'd like to see, that would be awesome!
Oh my gosh! I almost forgot to add, I've gotten 2 new dolls since I left. One is on my blog's header.. And the other one, well, you'll find out. *mysterious face* ;)
Welp, talk to you guys later! I really missed blogging, and it'll be so great to be back :D
Love you guys,