Hawaiian Girl~ A Photoshoot With Lea Clark

Hi guys! I'm back with another photoshoot today, featuring one of my newest dolls, Lea Clark! (She'll be on the Meet The Dollies page soon.) I'm really happy to have her, she's a great doll. She's really awesome because she's the first ever doll I've bought at a GOTY debut (that was super fun!) Anyways, into the pics.

These pictures do Lea no justice. Sooo sorry for the bad quality! I still haven't bought a better camera. Oh well. :(
Welp, that's all! A photostory coming soon. Thank for being so awesome, guys!


  1. Oh My Gosh that is so cute amaze post!!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh my GOSH thanks SOOO much, bestie!!! Should I make a post on here about that? Again, TYSM, that was suuupperrr nice ^-^

    2. And I nominate you for Funniest Blog Posts. xD I should actually do that.

  3. I actually really love these photos! Your a really good doll photographer. :) If you would like I would love if you could do a doll/photography guest post on my blog. It would be a cool way for you to show yourself to a wider audience. If you like this idea please contact me at nailaeve@gmail.com and we can talk.

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Hey Nabila! Thank you SO much, that means a lot! :D Ooh, that sounds really cool! I'll think about it :) Thanks again!

  4. Awww! Lea is so cute! I love the pictures!
    Isn't going to debuts so fun? I love to wait in line (oddly enough) and be super cold. I've gone to two GOTY debuts now, and I hope to make it a tradition to go each year!:)

  5. Thanks so much! ^-^
    I know!!! LOL! That's a first. That's so neat! I've only gone to Lea's debut, but I really want to go to GOTY 2017's, that'd be awesome :) Thanks for the comment! :D


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