I'm coming back...?

Hey guys! Wow, it's been awhile! Today I have some good news for you :DD
I'm going to start up this blog again! Yay! *throws streamers* I'll probably not post as often as I used to (but hey, once a month is better than nothing, right?) ;) Huge thanks to Bella for helping me along, encouraging me, ect. Thanks sooo much, girl :3
Anyways, yeah! More posts up soon. Comment down below what kind of posts you'd like to see, that would be awesome!
Oh my gosh! I almost forgot to add, I've gotten 2 new dolls since I left. One is on my blog's header.. And the other one, well, you'll find out. *mysterious face* ;)
Welp, talk to you guys later! I really missed blogging, and it'll be so great to be back :D
Love you guys,


  1. Oh my gosh! This is such a huge surprise! I'm so happy your back!
    I can't wait to see future posts from you!:D

    1. Thanks soo much, Emma!! :D
      *confetti flies everywhere* xD
      Thanks again, you rock :)

  2. Ahh!! Yay!! You're posting again!! I love your posts and can't wait for you to start posting again! 😊

    1. Awww, TYSM! I can't wait either.. Thanks for being so awesome :D


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