Awards/ Tags

Thank you, Gwen, for nominating me for the Darling Doll Blog Award!

Thanks for The Good Friend Blog Award, Allie

Thanks for the STAHP- Ur Too Sweet For Your Own Good Award, Ellie!

Thanks to Allie for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Thanks Emma and Doll Daydreams for the Liebster Award :)

 Thank you Allie for the School Tag!

Thank you Shelby for the Famous People Tag! (Will have post up on Saturday *HERE*)


  1. WOwZAH!!! You got so many blog awards cool girlie! I'm almost done settin up mine!

    1. LOL! Thanks, bestie! YAY IM SO EXCITED TO READ IT. :D :D *jumps up and down*


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