Meet the Dollies!

This is the page where you can meet each of my eleven American Girl dolls, and learn more about them. They're also in order from the ones I got first first, then the ones I recently received. Enjoy!

My name is Hayley and I am Mom's first doll. I started the whole family! It's pretty cool. I love fashion, swim club, reading, being outdoors, and texting. 

Full name: Hayley Addison Smith
Age: 13
Kind of AG: MAG# 28
Adopted: Christmas 2010
Favorite book: Sisters, a comic book
Favorite song: Brave (NOT the movie ;) )
Nickname(s): Hail
Pet(s): Pepper the dog
Favorite food: Chicken potstickers 
Words to describe Hayley: outgoing, smart, sweet, and headstrong. 

Hey! I'm Kit, and I was adopted 2nd into the Dolly District family. I'm an introvert, and I usually keep my thoughts to myself. I'm a deep thinker, though, and I actually love to do school! An interesting fact about me is I'm legless! Well, not exactly- but I am missing my left leg :P But that doesn't keep me from one of the things I love- blogging! Yes, I enjoy blogging on here sometimes :)

Full name: Kit Mildred Kittrige
Age: 12
Kind of AG: Historical/ Beforever doll
Date adopted: Date unknown, sometime in 2011
Favorite book: The Adventures of Robin Hood
Favorite Song: Sugar- Maroon 5
Nickname(s): Kitty (really hate that one!!)
Pet(s): Buttercup, a Cocker Spaniel mix
Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese
Words to describe Kit: Thoughtful, sweet, a good listener :)

Hi! :) I'm Saige, AKA Girl of the Year 2013. Some of my hobbies include reading, brushing my border collie Rembrant (Yes, I named him after the painter- I love art!), climbing trees, and looking through fashion magazines! I like fashion- even though boyish plaid shirts are more for me >.< That matches my personality- tomboy-ish, fun, friendly, and an animal lover!

Full name: Saige Monicka Copeland
Age: 12
Kind of AG: Girl of the year 2013
Date adopted: March 21, 2013
Favorite Book: Horse Diaries books
Favorite song: Yellow Flicker Beat- Lorde
Nickname(s): Beige Saige (Thanks a lot, Becca!)
Pet(s): Rembrant, the border collie
Favorite food: Chips and guacamole and beef enchiladas! I was born in New Mexico, and I love to try Mexican foods.  
Words to describe Saige: bold, artsy, tomboyish, fun, independent, and an animal lover! {Just like she mentioned =)}

Hi, I'm Julie! I enjoy dressing up in '70s clothes, cooking and baking in the kitchen, hiking, listening to music, and playing with all of the mini dolls. 

Full name: Julie May Albright
Age: 14
Kind of AG: Historical/ Beforever AG
Date adopted: Christmas 2013
Favorite book: Nancy Drew series (Mom loves those, too!)
Favorite song: Hmm.... Can't decide....
Nickname(s): Jules
Pet(s): Jasmine, a terrier mix
Favorite food: Uh, does Starbucks count??
Words to describe Jules: Sweet, outgoing, a good friend, compassionate, caring, and overall nice. She loves to keep her other sisters in line sometimes >.<

Hey there!!
My name is Isabelle, and I'm GOTY 2014. I really like ballet, sewing in my studio, and cats!! Yup. I have one of my own named Stella, and a Chocolate Lab named Chocolate chip. I love my pets! And photoshoots are really awesome, especially ones of me :D

Full name: Isabelle Hayden Palmer 
Age: 12
Kind of AG: Isabelle, Girl of the year 2014
Date adopted: March 18, 2014
Favorite book: The Hunger Games Catching Fire (Me and Mom love that one!!)
Favorite song: Rolling in the Deep- Adele
Nickname(s): Izzy, Bella, and Iz. 
Pet(s): Chocolate Chip (the chocolate lab), and Stella (a kitten)
Favorite Food: Pizza! 
Words to describe Isabelle: Outgoing, entertainer, daring. Sometimes shy, but almost never. 

Hi! I'm Rebecca, but you can call me Becca, or Becky. I'm just a fun, warmhearted girl who loves her friends and family! You can usually find me acting my heart out in front of an audience, or just playing in my backyard with my sisters. Either way, I love to be the center of attention, and an actor is my dream!

Full name: Rebecca Hanellia Rubin
Age: 12
Kind of AG: Historical/ Beforever
Date adopted: August 22, 2014
Favorite book: Nancy Drew series
Favorite song: Girl on Fire
Nickname(s): Becky, Becca
Pet(s): Doodles (AG Apricot poodle puppy :))
Favorite food: Pizza (same as Iz!)
Words to describe Rebecca: Bubbly, outgoing, confident. 

I'm Kanani, the Hawaiian girl! Although after I was adopted I moved here to the USA. It is a really great place, though! In my free time I tend to hang out with sisters and friends, play with my parrot, and pose for photoshoots outdoors. :)

Full name: Kanani Fayth Akaina
Age: 13
Kind of AG: GOTY 2011
Date adopted: Christmas 2014
Favorite book: The Hunger Games series (same as Mom and Iz!)
Favorite song: All About That Bass- Megan Trainor & Vila La Vida- Coldplay :D
Nickname(s): Nani
Pet(s): Tropicana, the parrot (a renamed Cecile's parrot)
Favorite food: Sesame Orange Chicken (it's sooosooooosoososoosoosososoosooooo YUM!)
Words to describe Kanani: Talented, clever, modest, lively, talkative, playful. 

Hey! *waves* I'm Ruthie! I have stunning grey eyes and black/brown hair that falls just across my shoulders. You will usually find me slumped in a chair in my bedroom, journaling (I would like to be an author when I'm older) or just hanging around. Sometimes, when I'm in my music mode, I play piano! I'm usually in the corner of the room- I'm not very talk-y but very camera friendly!
Full name: Ruthie Faye Smithens
Age: 14
Kind of AG: Historical Character, retired in 2014 
Date adopted: Sometime in June 2015
Favorite book: Anne of Green Gables
Favorite song: I'm not a huge fan of music but I like playing the piano sometimes!
Nickname(s): Every now and then I get called Ruth!
Pet(s): None currently :(
Favorite food: Steak with soy sauce
Words to describe Ruthie: Sweet, friendly once you get to know her, and creative.

Bojour! I'm Grace. Nice to meet you! I like to bake and cook, be with my friends, sew with Isabelle, shop, and take all of my sister's pets outdoors! I love nature and animals! In fact, because of animals I'm a  vegatarian! I also like music- a lot.
Full name: Grace Adellina Thomas
Age: 13
Kind of AG: Girl of the Year 2015
Date adopted: September 27, 2015
Favorite book: Do Minecraft guide books count? I LOVE Minecraft ;D
Favorite song: Heathens- 21 Pilots
Nickname(s): Grace Adellina, Adelle, Gracie.
Pet(s): None currently :(
Favorite food: Sour cream and onion potato chips.
Words to describe Grace: Friendly, sweet, a little daring, and an animal lover ;)

Hey, I'm Lea! I'm 14 and I'm a total nature lover... I love anything that has to do with the great outdoors! I also love hanging out with Maryellen- we're both new to the Dolly District household and we get along really well. :)
Full name: Lea Brooklyn Clark
Age: 14
Kind of AG: Girl of the Year 2016
Date adopted: January 1st, 2016
Favorite book: Soul Surfer
Favorite song: Stitches- Shawn Mendes
Nickname(s): None actually.
Pet(s): There again, none... :(
Favorite food: Sushi.
Words to describe Lea: Nice, fun to be around, bright, adventurous. 

Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Maryellen, but you can call me Ellie. I'm the newest doll to the family, so things can get a bit awkward sometimes, but I survive! I really enjoy writing stories, baking treats with Grace, swimming with Hayley, and just chilling with Lea. 
Full name: Maryellen Catherine Larkin
Age: 13
Kind of AG: Beforever Maryellen Larkin
Date adopted: Sometime in February
Favorite book: The Twilight series
Favorite song: Don't Let Me Down- The Chainsmokers
Nickname(s): Ellie, Ellen, Mary.
Pet(s): Honey, a poodle. 
Favorite food: Chow mein. 
Words to describe Maryellen: Easygoing, swag, and gentle.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww all your dolls are so cute!!xD

    1. Thanks, Rylee! Yours are really cute, too!

  2. Your dolls are really pretty, Jana! I love your name, too. :)

    1. Thank you, Abigail!! Aww, thanks! I like yours, too! It's funny but when I was around seven I didn't really like my name and I begged my mom to rename me Abigail, like you. ;) She said no, and I am really happy with my name now, though. :)

  3. Your dolls are really pretty Jana!! I love Rebecca's middle name as well :D

    1. Thank you! Thanks again! You guys are so sweet :). It was going to be Rebecca-Joy of Rebecca-Faith, but I decided not to. :)

  4. Very cute dolls Jana! And I like your name a lot too :0)
    - Zoë

    1. Thanks Zoe!! Awww, thank you :) I appreciate it A LOT!!

  5. love! your dolls are so cool! :)

    Allie D.

  6. Wow those are such cute doll profiles!


  7. CUTIES! Say HI to my nieces for me :)

    1. Thank you, lovely Bestie >.< I most definitly will ^_^

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  9. You have some awesome dolls!



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